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For Your Convenience, STD Testings Includes:

Confidential STD Testing Protocol

We value and respect your privacy.  Ordering your STD Tests through us means that only you will know that you have been tested.  We do not report to any insurance company and we do not report to your medical record.  For added confidentiality, at checkout you have the option to enter a 9 digit confidentiality code.  This code will replace your name on your lab requisition, this way if someone does happen to see your lab requisition they will not know for whom it is intended.

For billing purposes, we need information so we are able to process your payment, but if you want to maximize your privacy, use a prepaid credit card or even bitcoin. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Same Day Testing - Results in 1-3 Days
Get tested immediately to the lab of your choice. Please not the hours of operation for each of the labs as some are open a bit later than others. Depending on they types of tests performed the results can be returned in as little as 24 hours.
No Hidden Fees
No insurance needed. No additional fees, no copays, no extra draw fees. Once price, no surprises.
CDC Recommended & FDA Approved Tests

Don’t be fooled by the other guys. Since 2014 HIV antibody tests are no longer recommended by the CDC. The only HIV test that we offer is the 4th generation more advanced early detection HIV tests. Don’t settle for anything less!

All of our tests are FDA approved and tests are conducted at CLIA compliant centers that are also accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

We take the worry out of testing.

Private & Secure Online or Phone Ordering

All orders are placed on a 256 bit encrypted SSL connection. We strive to protect your identity, backed by $100,000 identity protection. We will not share your information with any outside company. For more information view our Privacy Pledge.

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No Embarrasing Conversations

No need to contact your doctor. We will provide you with the authorization to get tested for whichever labs you choose. No need to talk about your life with anyone, get the answers you want quickly, privately and without any judgement.

Physician Recommended STD Panel Tests

CDC Recommended STD Tests


FDA Approved STD Tests

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Our STD Panel Test is specifically designed to detect the most prominent and most transmitted STDs.  Hand Selected by our expert medical staff, our STD Panel is the choice for your STD testing needs to set your mind at ease.

Adding our 4th Generation HIV Early Detection test is recommended if you are concerned about a recent exposure.  Our HIV Early Detection test can detect HIV in just 6-12 days post exposure versus other companies tests that require 20-30 days post exposure.

Basic STD Panel

Tests for:
Herpes 1 & 2
Hepatitis B & C
HIV 1 & 2
Early Detection HIV 1 & 2.

$188 - Get My Test

Full STD Panel

Tests for:
Herpes 1 & 2
Hepatitis B & C
HIV 1 & 2
Early Detection HIV 1 & 2

$339 - Get My Test

Thank you STD Testing Plus, it was so easy. I went to the lab it only took 5 minutes and I had results the next day.

Cholanda J.

Comprehensive STD Testing with Incredible Value

If you have had unprotected sex, physicians recommend getting a full panel of STD tests and retesting 3 months later to confirm your initial diagnosis.  Every STD and STI become detectable at different times, the 3 month check ensures that all infections are successfully detected.  Physicians recommend our complete panel but you can use our STD Symptom Checker for a tailored recommendation.

What happens next?

STDTestingPlus makes it easy and non-embarrassing way to get tested for STDs.  After you choose your panel, just select a lab that this convenient for you with a simple zip code search.  Once you complete you order, you will be able to instantly download your lab requisition form.  Just bring your lab requisition with you to your selected location and the lab technician will collect the required samples to perform your test.  Your lab appointment usually lasts 7 minutes or less and your results will be emailed to you in 1-3 days.

Do I need an appointment?

No an appointment at the lab is not necessary, you can just show up anytime they are open and get tested.  However, our testing centers do not accept payment and you need a physician referral or labrequistion for them to complete the test.  We have thousands of testing centers nationwide that are open normal business hours plus.  Your labs hours will be listed on your requisition and available when selecting your lab.

Does everyone at the Lab Center know what I’m getting tested for?

No.  Our labs test for a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions that are not STDs.  Only your lab technician will know what test you are having performed and are held to HIPAA privacy standards.

Is this private and confidential?

Yes.  We go great lengths to protect your identity.  We do not report any results to insurance companies or record your tests to your medical record.  We never give your billing information to any third party.  We follow HIPAA the same confidentiality standards that physicians are required to follow.

How do I prepare for my test?

Tests that a blood sample (HIV, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis) do not require any preparation.  Tests that require a urine sample (gonorrhea and chlamydia) it is best to not urinate for an hour before getting your test.

What do I do after my test?

Nothing, just wait for your results.  We deliver your results to the email address that you provide.  Your results should be available in 1-3 days.  Getting tested at the end of a work day and weekends the the biggest causes for delayed results.

How soon can I get tested?

Once you complete your order you can get tested.  All you need to do is print out your lab requisition form and bring it with you to your selected lab.  The lab can also look up your requisition based on the information you provide to us.

How long do the tests take?

Our labs are really efficient.  Most people are in and out in 7 minutes or less.

Do I need to bring anything to the lab for my test?

Just your lab requisition form.  Nothing else is needed.

Still have more questions?  Check out The Complete Guide to STD Testing.


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