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STD Panel Testing

20 million new diagnoses of STDs occur every year in the United States.  Physicians and the CDC recommend testing for a panel of STDs for any potential exposure.  Many STDs go symptomless but are still highly transmittable.  Many STDs have cross-over symptoms making an accurate diagnosis impossible with medical lab testing.  For these reasons, testing for all of the most likely STDs.  Our STD Panel tests can include:  Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C.

Causes of STDs

STDs are caused by either a bacterial or viral infection.  These infections are most commonly and readily transmitted through unprotected sexual contact.  The risk factors for transmitting a STD is based on the specific virus or bacteria that is present.  To better understand your risk factors, please use our STD test recommender.

STD Symptoms

Often times, an active STI (sexually transmitted infection) goes symptomless.  Symptoms of STDs include:  pain or burning during urination, pain in the lower abdomen, sores on or around the genitals, itching of the genitals and flu-like symptoms.

STD Panel Testing Options

Basic STD Panel

Tests for:
Herpes 1 & 2
Hepatitis B & C
HIV 1 & 2
Early Detection HIV 1 & 2.

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Full STD Panel

Tests for:
Herpes 1 & 2
Hepatitis B & C
HIV 1 & 2
Early Detection HIV 1 & 2

$339 - Get My Test

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STD Panel Testing FAQs

How Did You Develop These Panels?

We created our STD testing panels based on two factors:  The most commonly transmitted and what people are most concerned about acquiring.  Our Basic STD Panel includes the 5 most common STDs that account for over 90% of all transmitted STD each year.  While our Full Panel STD test covers 99% of transmitted STIs.

Why Are STD Panel Tests Recommended?

STD panels are recommended and ordered by physicians because an exposure to one STD means that you were potentially exposed to most if not all other STDs.  While potential exposure does not mean that you were exposed or have contracted an STD, it is best to for each because almost all STD can be symptomless.

STD Panel tests are also prefered because even with active symptoms, which STD is causing the symptom often can not be determined without a medical lab test.  Symptom overlap of STD create the need for get tested for the most common infections.

Why Do I Need to Know Which STD I Have?

Knowing what STD you have is an important step to getting the correct treatment.  Every STD has its own treatment guideline.  To ensure the best care and treatment for a contracted STD, knowing exactly which STD you have is the first step.

How Does the STD Panel Test Work?

All of our STD Panel tests require both a urine and blood sample.  Testing for a panel of STDs is just as easy as getting tested for one STD.  Our process is simple, order your test, print your requisition form, go to the lab and give your sample, get your results emailed to you.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Order to Get Tested?

Not through us.  We provide everything for you in one convenient upfront price.  We provide the doctor order (requisition) and pay for all of the lab testing fees and result delivery fees.  We want to make getting a basic STD test to be as easy as possible.


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