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How It Works

1. Choose Your Test

Simply select the STD test(s) that you want to be tested for and place your order online or over the phone.


2. Find a Testing Center Near You

Use our simple zip code look-up to find our locations nearest to you.

3. Go To Any of Our STD Testing Lab Locations

Just print your confirmation email and bring it to any of our STD testing locations.

4. Get Treatment (if necessary)

If you have a positive test we will provide options for you to get the necessary treatment.

usa-35713_960_720Thousands of STD Testing Centers Nationwide

How Our STD Testing Works – Detailed Version

Step 1:  Use our zip code search function page to find the most convenient STD testing center for you.  The search will give you testing location name, address, distance and hours.  Just select the center that you wish to test at.

Step 2:  Choose the STD test or test(s) that you want to get tested for.  Our Full Panel is our most popular and highest recommendation by physicians.  Once you have selected your STD test, checkout and you will receive a confirmation email that includes your lab requisition.  Your lab requisition will not have you name on it, instead it will have a random code on it to keep your test anonymous

Step 3:  Take your printed lab requisition to any of our testing centers.  The testing center will then obtain the required samples for the test or tests that you have selected.

Step 4:  You will get your results via email in just 24-48 hours.  If you have a positive test, your email will include options for what your next step should be for getting treatment.  There will be confidential treatment options included in the email.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality is Our Priority

We follow all medical privacy standards and communicate only with you about your order and your results via email.  Your results are yours and yours alone.  If you have a positive test, you may choose to use one of our options to get treatment or take those results to your healthcare provider of choice.

Your Results

You will be emailed your test results 24-48 hours after you visit the lab.  Your email will contain all of the testing data relevant to the tests you ordered as well as a very clear negative or positive result for each test.  Certain positive tests require active notification by law.

CDC Recommended STD Tests

We only offer the most current STD tests on the market that are the current CDC “gold standard” for detecting the presence of a sexually transmitted disease.  This means that when you test with STDTestingPlus.com you are getting the exact same test that any doctor recommend.

More Questions???

If you still have questions, please refer to The Complete Guide to STD Testing, they address most questions and concerns.  If you would like further clarification, you can use our web chat or call us at 1-855-226-9241

Choose Your Test

Browse our STD tests and choose the test or panel that is right for you.

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